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Not your average Joe... Born Kelton Davis (a.k.a "P-Funk") in Richmond,Va and went home to West Petersburg for 8 months. At this young age his parents moved to Harlem, New York. By the time P-Funk was three, he was playing the drums, going on to become the star of school bands. P-Funk's drumming career ended in 1993, when he was paralyzed in a car accident. but that was not enough to stop him from working hard.He taught himself some keyboard skills,soon he created his own studio, The C7 studio in the heart of Harlem, NY, he started his own independent record label WE US with other underground hip hop artist KIVEL, D BLADE AND BILL BLASS. He also started with Rivernile the movement known as a Natrul Causes which began right outside of the nations capitol in Oxon Hill Maryland. Right away the chemistry between "Funk" and "Riv" was undeniable as the group put down several underground hip hop smashes like "Having Dreams", "When It Rains It Pours", and "Wouldn't Do Normally". Life happened and produced a geographical split in the group somewhere around "99". Funk found his way back to his original origin in the Big Apple, and Riv landed in his original birthplace of Pitts

"I make music. I don't just create beats"
"People know I started out as a drummer but my keyboard game is incredible"
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